LC Advisory Council

The Learning Communities Advisory Council (LCAC) is an internal body dedicated to improving and expanding learning community experiences for students at Kennesaw State University. The LCAC reviews and approves learning community proposals and mini-grants and serves as a consulting team for Learning Community Program staff. LCAC members serve as liaisons between their colleges/units and the Learning Communities Program.

Members serve two-year, renewable terms. The Council typically meets once in November to review proposals and in July to review mini-grant proposals. If you are interested in serving on the LCAC, please contact Cathy Bradford, LC Program Director.

  • Marla Bell

    Marla Bell (2018)

    Associate Dean for Student Success,
    College of Science and Mathematics
    • Beth Bermester

      Beth Bermester (2019)

      Director of Composition,
      Associate Professor of English,
      English Department

      • Renee Butler

        Renee Butler (2018)

        Assistant Dean of Operations,
        College of Engineering and Engineering Technology

        • Rich Cole

          Rich Cole (2017)

          College of Architecture and Construction Management

          • Ruth Goldfine

            Ruth Goldfine (2017)

            Interim Associate Dean,
            University College

            • Natasha Lovelace Habers

              Natasha Lovelace Habers (2018)

              Interim Chair,
              Department of First-Year and Transition Studies

              • Kimberly Hoover

                Kimberly Hoover (2019)

                Associate Director for Residential Education

                • Chris Hutt

                  Chris Hutt (2017)

                  Assistant Vice President,
                  Academic Affairs

                  • Tommy Jackson

                    Tommy Jackson (2018)

                    Advising Office for New, Exploratory and Student in Transition (the NEST)

                    • Julie Newell

                      Julie Newell (2018)

                      Special Assistant to the Provost,
                      Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies

                      • Michael Sanseviro

                        Michael Sanseviro (2018)

                        Associate Vice Present and Dean of Students,
                        Student Affairs

                        • Carmen Skaggs

                          Carmen Skaggs (2018)

                          Associate Dean for Academic Support,
                          College of Humanities and Social Sciences

                          • Lynn Stallings

                            Lynn Stallings (2018)

                            Interim Director of Honors Programs,
                            Honors College

                            • Hillary Hettinger Steiner

                              Hillary Hettinger Steiner (2018)

                              Associate Professor of Educational Psychology,
                              Faculty Fellow for Learning-Centered Teaching,
                              Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

                              • Nirmal Trivedi

                                Nirmal Trivedi (2017)

                                Director of First-Year Seminars,
                                First-Year and Transition Studies Department