Learning Support

In the past, Learning Support Programs was responsible solely for providing academic support to those students whose entrance and placement scores indicated that they required remedial instruction before they enrolled in regular credit courses. As a result of certain administrative changes within the University System of Georgia and at KSU, however, the mission of this department has been changed substantially and expanded to include learning support for students at all levels—from remedial to honors.

Learning Support Programs offers academic assistance to those students who fall below Kennesaw's minimum admission standard.

The students whose test scores fall below the following scores are required to take the appropriate sub-test of the COMPASS:

  • SAT scores fall between 430 and 490 on the verbal portion,
  • 400 and 460 on the math portion,
  • or whose ACT scores fall between 17 and 20 in English and 17 and 19 in Math.

According to these placement scores, students may be placed in the learning support courses of English 0099, Reading 0099, and/or Math 0097/0098 (elementary/intermediate algebra).

All learning support courses are designed so that students may complete all requirements in an area in a maximum of two semesters. Since these are academic assistance courses, there are certain restrictions placed by the Board of Regents and/or by Kennesaw State University upon students enrolled in these courses. The following restrictions apply to all learning support students:

  • These students must register for the learning support courses they are required to take each semester they are enrolled at Kennesaw State before they are eligible to register for any regular credit courses. If they do choose to take credit courses at the same time, these courses must not have learning support courses as prerequisites.
  • They may not, however, accumulate more than 30 hours of academic credit before completing all learning support requirements.
  • They also may not attempt any learning support discipline more than two times. Those who spend two semesters in any of the three disciples (English, Reading, or Math) without successfully exiting that area will be excluded from further study in learning support at Kennesaw State University.
  • They may not withdraw from their learning support courses unless they withdraw from their credit courses as well.

Although these courses do not carry degree credit, students do receive institutional credit and thus may satisfy requirements for VA benefits and other financial assistance. Students not required by the COMPASS to take learning support courses who nonetheless feel the need for academic assistance, additional preparation, or review may audit any of the courses offered by the department if they receive approval from the department prior to registration.

Meet the Coordinator

Pinder NaiduPinder Naidu, Coordinator of Learning Support Programs in the Department of Leadership and Integrative Studies at Kennesaw State University.