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College of Architecture and Construction Management- Architecture Building

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College of the Arts- Wilson Building

  • Majors

    Advising Information

  • • Art (BFA, Art Ed, B.S.)

    • Art History (B.A.)


    • Dance (B.A.)


    • Music (B.A.)

    • Music Education (B.M.)

    • Music Performance (B.M.)


    • Theatre and Performance Studies (B.A.)



    Kimiya Merriweather




    Hannah Yarborough




    Andrew Berardi





Bagwell College of Education- Kennesaw Hall 1314

  • Majors

    Advising Information

  • • Early Childhood Education B.S. (Elem)

    • Early Childhood Education B.S. (Birth-K)

    • Middle Grades Education (B.S.)

    • History Education (B.S.)

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Coles College of Business- Burruss Building 431

  • Majors

    Advising Information

  • • Accounting (B.B.A.)

    • Economics (B.B.A.)

    • Finance (B.B.A.)

    • Information Security and Awareness (B.B.A.)

    • Information Systems (B.B.A.)

    • International Business (B.B.A.)

    • Management (B.B.A.)

    • Marketing (B.B.A.)

    • Professional Sales (B.B.A.)


    Advising Department








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College of Computing and Software Engineering

  • Majors

    Advising Information

  • • Computer Game Design and Development (B.S.)

    • Computer Science (B.S.)

    • Information Technology (B.A.S, B.S.)

    • Software Engineering (B.S.)

    • Applied Computer Science (B.A.)*

    *For more information, Please see Kenneth Hoganson.

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Southern Polytechnic College of Engineering and Engineering Technology- Engineering Technology Center- Building Q

  • Majors

    Advising Information

  • • Mechanical Engineering (B.S.)

    • Apparel and Textiles (B.A.T.)

    • Manufacturing Operations (B.A.S.)

    • Supply Chain Logistics (B.A.S.)

    • Electrical Engineering Technology (B.S.)

    • Industrial Engineering Technology (B.S.)

    • Industrial and Systems Engineering (B.S.)

    • Mechanical Engineering Technology (B.S.)

    • Electrical Engineering (B.S.)

    • Computer Engineering (B.S.)

    • Mechatronics Engineering (B.S.)

    • Civil Engineering (B.S.)

    • Construction Engineering (B.S.)

    • Environmental Engineering (B.S.)

    • Environmental Engineering Technology (B.S.) 


    • Surveying and Mapping (B.S.)


    Daffany Anglin


    Vanessa Bard





    Laura Garnett


    Lynne Murray


    Jessica Williamson


    Fatih Oncul


    Matt Wilson


    Advising Department

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College of Humanities and Social Sciences- Social Science Building

  • Majors

    Advising Information

  • • African and African Diaspora Studies (B.A.)

    • Anthropology (B.S.)

    • Asian Studies (B.A.)

    • Communication (B.S.)

    • Criminal Justice (B.S.)

    • English (B.A.)

    • English Education (B.S.)

    • Geographic Information Science (B.S.)

    • Geography (B.A.)

    • History (B.A.)

    • History Education (B.S.)

    • International Affairs (B.A.)

    • Modern Language and Culture (B.A.)

    • Philosophy (B.A.)

    • Political Science (B.S.)

    • Psychology (B.S.)

    • Public Relations (B.S.)

    • Sociology (B.S.)

    • Interactive Design (B.S.)*

    • Technical Communications (B.S.)*

     *For more information, Please see Donna McPherson.











    Advising Department

    Donna McPherson


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College of Science and Mathematics

  • Majors

    Advising Information

  • • Biology (B.S.)

    • Biology w/ Secondary Teacher Certification (B.S.)

    • Biotechnology (B.S.)

    • Chemistry (B.S.)

    • Computational and Applied Mathematics (B.S.)

    • Environmental Sciences (B.S.)

    • Mathematics (B.S.)

    • Mathematics Education (B.S.)

    • Physics (B.S.)

    Michael Robinson

    (Biology and Environmental Science)  Last Name A-L

    Hannah Santoro

    (Biology and Environmental Science) Last Name M-Z

    Brenda Humble Bates

    (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

    David Marsh

    (Math, Math Education, and Physics)


    Advising Department

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University College

  • Majors

    Advising Information

  • • Culinary Sustainability and Hospitality (B.S.)

    • Integrative Studies (B.S.)

    • Undecided/Undeclared

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Wellstar College of Health and Human Services-Prillaman Hall

  • Majors

    Advising Information

  • • Exercise Science (B.S.)

    • Health and Physical Education (B.S.)

    • Human Services (B.S.)   

    • Nursing (B.S.)

    • Public Health Education (B.S.)

    • Sport Management (B.S.)


    Advising Department





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