• Sylvia Okonkwo

    2014 Camper
    2016 Flight Crew Leader

    “Owl Expedition was more than what I was expecting it to be and I ended up having a good time. Once the trip began, it became more that just a camp; it became an experience. I met so many cool Flight Crew Leaders and KSU staff that have helped me throughout my time at Kennesaw, and I know that I can rely on them for advice or just to talk. I also learned great teamwork skills and leadership skills that have helped me with my jobs and just navigating college. But most importantly I met three of my best friends and we are still very close till this day. We met as strangers and left with a bond that has survived two years and continues to grow each day. Without Owl Expedition we probably wouldn't have met each other or became friends. Owl Expedition means so much to me and without this camp I don't think I would have enjoyed my first year at Kennesaw.  It's an experience that you can't get anywhere else, and I highly recommend that you go. You make friends, learn about Kennesaw, but most importantly you have a good time.”

    • Kai Silvera-Robinson

      2015 Camper
      2016 Flight Crew Leader
      2017 Co-Director

      “Owl Expedition originally caught my eye because I like the outdoors and saw that it included white water rafting. I'd been rafting a few times before and knew it'd be a good way to connect and meet with people since going into Kennesaw, I didn't know many people. I had no idea what to expect besides the white water rafting and was surprised by how fun the experience was. I met a lot of great people there and my color group was awesome; I still talk to a majority of them today. From the very first night of experiencing the fun, excitement, and thrill it really put me in the mindset of being in college instead of high school. That same night I knew I wanted to pursue becoming a Flight Crew Leader and give that same experience I got to upcoming freshmen but make it even better. To my surprise some of my best memories from the camp weren't even from white water rafting. Anybody who is an upcoming first-year student should attend!”