Thrive Leadership

What do Thrive students experience outside of the classroom?


Through the Center for Student Leadership (CSL), Thrive students can engage in out-of-classroom experiences that focus on leadership development in preparation for building relationships, continuing education, and future employment. Before their first fall semester, students will participate in a one-day, experiential retreat on campus, called the Thrive Advance, to learn about and practice leadership through skill development, team building, and service. During the spring semester, students have the opportunity to put their leadership skills into practice by engaging in different Thrive-in-Action experiences offered through Thrive and the CSL. Lastly, students also have the opportunity to attend Thrive socials and events planned by advanced students and residence life throughout the entire year.

By being involved in the out-of-classroom experiences, Thrive students will become better equipped to:

  • Work in teams
  • Interact with diverse groups of people
  • Communicate and work effectively with others
  • Think critically about complex problems and situations


Thrive students will apply their experience from the KSU Seminar to a hands on community engagement program in order to better understand the importance of community engagement and grow towards active citizenship. Thrive students will:

  • Give back to the University and City of Kennesaw communities
  • Increase their leadership skill development (knowledge and application)
  • Apply learned leadership skills in real-time
  • Become involved with local or national non-profit organizations
  • Prepare for leadership positions within KSU clubs/student organizations

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Social Events