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The application deadline is May 5 or until the program fills, whichever is first.

Please review the eligibility requirements under the “Eligibility” Tab.

Enrollment is limited to 125 students for Fall 2017.

Please let us know if you have any questions. 470-578-4437

How to prepare for the Thrive application process:

  1. Take the MAPT Placement Test and record your results (the recommended math course) on the application. Your application will be incomplete and therefore denied without this score.

  2. Three required essay responses (at least 100 words each):

    1. Describe the parts of the Thrive program that interest you most and share how they will help you succeed in college.

    2. Describe your academic plan for college (major, academic skills and goals, graduation timeframe, graduate school, etc.), then describe how participation in Thrive will benefit your plan AND your goal to graduate from Kennesaw State University in four years. Note, Thrive does not have the resources to accommodate students planning to transfer.

    3. Give a description of a specific situation when you interacted with a person who was different from you, to accomplish a particular goal. Describe with some detail the situation, the person, your differences, and the goal. Then describe the result and what you learned from it that will help you in the future.

  3. Be prepared to attach recommendation letters from two different people, one as a leadership/character reference and one as an academic reference. Neither can be a family member.

  4. Be prepared to attach a screenshot of your Georgia Futures account showing your current (anticipated) HOPE eligibility status. The screenshot needs to include your full name.

If you have questions, email us at or call us at 470.578.4437.


Apply Now