Thrive Ambassadors

Thrive Ambassadors assist with the recruitment of new Thrivers.  

To be selected as an Ambassador, students must:

Meet the HOPE GPA requirement,
Be active on campus and/or in the community,
And serve as a role model to incoming students.  

Students may be at any stage of their college career,
first-year through seniors; even alumni can return in this role.

Thrive 2018 Ambassadors

Thrive 2018 Ambassadors
(pictured above)
Front: Vivian Ramos (FY), Tara Driscoll (FY), Katie Barrington (Alum)
Middle:  Jerry Simmons (SO), Briana Graviss (SO), Mackenzie Magid (SR)
Back: Devin Petmecky (FY), Malik Lyder (SO), Larry Layfield (SO), Samuel Bush (FY)

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