Thrive Recognition Program

The Thrive Recognition Program acknowledges outstanding Thrive students who achieve excellence in scholarship, leadership, and service, demonstrating a solid record of growth and accomplishment during their tenure at KSU. It also serves to inspire students to pursue those opportunities that will enhance their KSU experience and prepare them for success beyond college. Our hope is that students will be transformed by the integration of these experiences and emerge as exemplary leaders and contributors to their communities and future career fields.

Thrive Recognition Program

To earn recognition, Thrive Scholars must maintain the HOPE scholarship or have earned it back before their graduation. In addition, they must complete the following requirements:

  • Complete all required Thrive pre-matriculation programs including:

    • Pre-registration workshop,
    • Orientation Day & Extended Orientation experience
    • College Knowledge Conference
  • First Year:

    • Meet with your academic advisor for 30-hour hold advising appointments each semester

    Second Year and beyond:

    • Meet with your academic advisor at least once per year to stay on track with your degree
  • First Year:

    • Meet with your Thrive Graduation Coach at least once per semester

    Second Year and beyond:

    • Meet with your Thrive Graduation Coach at least once per year assess and work towards your academic and personal goals
  • Attend at least one Thrive Program per year. Examples include:

    • Syllabus Planning Workshop
    • How to Ace Your Classes Workshop
    • Secure the Scholarship session
    • Lunch & Learn
    • Thrive “Beyond” Conference

    Attendance will be tracked at all programs

  • Create a plan and time frame for completion of all courses in your degree program:

    • Use some or all of the following resources: degreeworks, academic maps, department website, major check sheet, academic advisor, graduation coach
    • Review your plan with your academic advisor and receive sign off
    • Submit your plan no later than end of your second year
    • Continue to update your plan if there are any major changes
  • Complete the following career activities:

    • Activate your profile in Handshake
    • Submit your resume and have it approved with Career Planning & Development
    • Attend at least one Career Fair
    • Meet with your Career Advisor
  • Complete at least 40 hours of meaningful service in the local or global community.

    Hours must be signed off on by an advisor, professor, staff member, or organization representative.

  • Successfully complete an experiential learning opportunity that enhances the academic experience of yourself and/or your peers. Some examples include:

    • Serving as a Teaching Assistant or Supplemental Instructor
    • Conducting research, writing and/or presenting with a professor on an academic subject
    • Participating in an approved Study Abroad program
    • Completing an Internship or Co-op Experience
    • Joining and completing the Honors Program
    • Joining and serving in an academic registered student organization (RSO)
    • Serving as a Tutor, Peer Academic Advisor, Marietta Mentor, Note Taker, etc.
    • Other approved academic experiences
  • Successfully complete a significant leadership experience on campus or in the community. Some examples include:

    • Peer Leader, SGA Officer or RSO Leader
    • Club Sports or Athletic Team Leader
    • Ignition, Owl Expedition or Flight Crew Leader
    • Thrive Ambassador or Project Leader
    • Campus or Community Service Project Leader
    • Other approved leadership experiences

Program will launch in August 2018. More details to come.