Program Dates and Requirements

Spring & Summer Program Dates and Requirements

Program Dates

Students in Thrive get a jump-start on college through the following required programs and events:

  • a College Registration Workshop on either April 15, 2017 or a date in May (TBD)
  • the first KSU Kennesaw Orientation & Fall 2017 Semester Registration (June 2)
  • a Thrive Advance (one-day, on-campus summer retreat) (June 3) and
  • the College Knowledge Conference (July 21)

First-Year Requirements

First-Year Requirements

Additional program requirements take place during the first-year:

  • Fall 2017 Thrive Learning Community (for general education credit)
  • Fall & Spring Graduation Coaching Appointment
  • Spring Thrive-in-Action Project

Participation in the above events is required for those accepted into Thrive. See the FAQs for more information.