Benefits & Results

Thrive students maintain the HOPE scholarship at substantially higher rates than demographically matched groups, the general KSU population, and college students in Georgia!



  • Personal Graduation Coach all four years.
  • First Summer Orientation, with priority registration.
  • Campus and peer connections.
  • Leadership and skill development.

They also:

  • are part of Thrive Learning Communities, which include a first-year seminar,
  • have peer leaders in the first-year seminars,
  • have access to Study Halls, study sessions, and workshops,
  • have the opportunity to live in the Leadership residential community with other Thrive students,
  • take part in service projects,
  • are offered social opportunities and events,
  • are supported in the development of skills necessary to be competitive in their chosen field.



Thrive students are more likely to:

  • earn higher grades,
  • be retained (stay in college) at higher levels,
  • earn the GPA necessary to maintain HOPE scholarship eligibility,
  • progress more rapidly in academic standing (move from first-year student to sophomore, etc),
  • and graduate sooner!

What do students say about Thrive?

What do students say about Thrive?

  • Thrive made a large campus more personal by establishing a sense of belonging.
  • Thrive engendered a desire to graduate from Kennesaw State University.
  • Social connections with Thrive peers enhanced their academic and social success.
  • A majority of students said they felt “comforted” knowing a graduation coach was available to them.
  • Students who used graduation coaching frequently attributed a great deal of their success to coaching: “It kept me on track.”
  • Students loved the Thrive “Advance” (pre-college team-building retreat), reporting that it boosted their confidence, reduced their anxiety about starting college, fostered friendships, and helped them become familiar with the campus.