Students are only eligible to apply to the Thrive Scholars Program during their senior year of high school.

Eligible students are those who:Eligibility

  • Will be attending KSU starting Fall 2018
  • Will be a first-time, first-year student (under 30 credit hours earned through dual enrollment, AP, or IB programs)
  • Will be a full-time student (taking at least 12 credit hours)
  • Are eligible for HOPE (as confirmed by GAFutures)*
  • Are in a major with room for the Thrive KSU 1101/Learning Community^
  • Plan to graduate from KSU in four years or less. (The Thrive Program doesn't have the necessary resources to assist students who plan to transfer to another school.)

*Please note, if a HOPE-eligible student has a KSU Admissions Office GPA calculated at 3.5 or higher AND test scores of at least 1150 (old SAT), 1220 (new SAT) or 25 (ACT), they are not eligible for Thrive. They will be referred to KSU’s Honors Program.

^No room, so class is added on top of the degree program: Architecture, Education, Construction Management, Digital Animation, Engineering majors.  Note: Dance and Theatre require their own KSU 1101 course.


GROUP 1:  Students already accepted to KSU

  • See above; meets General Criteria
  • Accepted to KSU for entry Fall 2018
  • Admissions Deposit Paid
  • Eligible to apply to, and be accepted to, Thrive now! 

GROUP 2:  Students waiting for acceptance to KSU during second application period (April 1 deadline)

  • See above; meets General Criteria
  • Review Verified status for KSU Application
  • If accepted to Thrive, this student’s Thrive status will be “Accepted Pending,” awaiting their acceptance by and deposit paid to KSU in April/May.
  • After paying the KSU deposit, the Thrive status will be changed to “Accepted.” It will have to be confirmed by the student (via the student’s KSU email) by May 15 or it will be forfeited. Check your KSU email!

Email thrive@kennesaw.edu if you have questions.