Lynn Disbrow


Dean’s Welcome Message

Allow me to welcome you to University College, your college of connection and discovery.  Each member of our University College faculty and staff is committed to making your journey here at Kennesaw State a successful one.  We are here to help you achieve your goals by offering academic opportunity and support, and abundant encouragement.

University College is comprised of numerous departments and programs designed to assist you in finding your individual strengths and in creating a path that will allow your strengths to flourish. Owl Advising is ready to help you find your degree path and navigate KSU’s general education requirements and policies.  Students admitted to the Thrive program receive special opportunities and support to promote their academic success and help them remain eligible for the HOPE scholarship. 

Our Department of First-Year and Transition Studies offers initiatives that help you begin your Kennesaw State University journey on solid footing.  Our First-Year Seminars, recognized as being among the best in the nation for over a decade, along with our Learning Communities, promote integrative learning and encourage creative and critical thinking. Together these initiatives foster your success as a first-year student and prepare you for the rest of your academic journey.

You’ll find our University College academic departments offer unique degrees that are designed to capitalize on your exploratory spirit and are recognized nationally for excellence and innovation.  Our undergraduate degrees in Culinary Sustainability and Hospitality (CSH) and Integrative Studies (LIS) as well as our certificate in Leadership Studies give you the opportunity to gain the distinctive knowledge and skills necessary to distinguish yourself in the profession of your choosing.

University College is also home to support structures which will enhance your strengths and help create a smooth journey to graduation.  The Science and Math Academic Resource and Tutoring (SMART) Center is ready to provide assistance by helping you master course material in your Math and Science classes.  Our English as a Second Language (ESL) Center is available to assist you as you hone your written and spoken English language skills, helping you to gain confidence in your ability to communicate clearly and effectively.  Supplemental Instruction, available in select sections of general education courses, offers weekly guided study sessions that are led by student facilitators who excel in the content areas and who are prepared to ensure you understand and integrate challenging course content.

I hope you see the many ways University College is dedicated to you and your academic goals.  We are here to guide and encourage you from your first days as an Owl and throughout your journey to graduation.  No matter what your major or your academic goals might be, you’ll find the University College team alongside you, helping you find what ignites your spirit and gives you the wings to soar!

Lynn M. Disbrow, Ph.D.
Dean and Professor
University College