Foundations of Excellence

KSU’s participation in the Foundations of Excellence in the First Year of College self-study led to the establishment of University College in 2004 to provide greater visibility and significance to a variety of programs, academic support services, and projects geared toward KSU’s growing undergraduate population. Many of the programs that are located within University College, such as first-year seminars, have a long history of excellence at the university. Others, like Supplemental Instruction, are relatively new. All of them, however, are focused on promoting student success and engagement in and out of the classroom.

University College is the home of three academic departments, First-Year and Transition Studies, Department of Leadership and Integrative Studies, and Department of Culinary Sustainability and Hospitality. It is also the academic home for Owl Advising. The college’s first degree program, the innovative Bachelor of Science in Integrative Studies, produced its first graduate in 2006. Although it is designed to serve a select number of students who are interested in a custom-designed degree, the college boasts more than 50 graduates each year. In 2011, the college began offering the Leadership Studies certificate program. In 2015, the college began offering the Bachelor of Science in Culinary Sustainability and Hospitality. Other degree and certificate programs are in development.

University College works collaboratively with the other academic colleges, the Division of Student Success, the Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning, the Institute for Global Initiatives, and the Provost’s Office to provide interdisciplinary programs and services designed to enhance the college experience for all KSU undergraduates.

Offering innovative interdisciplinary programs and courses, University College’s curricular and co-curricular initiatives challenge and support students from their first day on campus through commencement. University College builds on students’ strengths, promotes students’ leadership development, and enhances students’ global engagement to help them realize their futures.