Frequently Asked Questions

    • Absolutely! The Office of Admissions offers regular tours of campus. You can sign up online for a campus tour.

      During Ignition: New Student Orientation, new students will spend part or all of the day on campus, and a tour will be included.

    • All transcripts must be received by the Office of Admissions. To be official, they need to be sent via an accredited transcript service digitally, or received in a sealed envelope if the transcript is a paper copy. If you deliver the transcript yourself, it cannot be opened and it needs to be taken to the Office of Admissions located at these locations:

      Marietta Campus: The Administration Building B at 900 Hornet Loop Rd


      Kennesaw Campus: Town Point Building at 3391 Town Point Dr

    • What is lawful presence and how do I verify it with KSU?

      A: Lawful presence is documentation that verifies citizenship or lawful immigration status. You can submit an image of the document on the Lawful Presence Verification Submission Form.

    • Ignition: New Student Orientation sign up is located in your Owl Express student portal. Log in with your NetID and password, select the student services link, and choose the Orientation Sign-Up link. For further instructions visit the First-Year Ignition: New Student Orientation webpage.
    • Ignition: New Student Orientation occurs during the following times. For a full list of dates, log in to Owl Express and select the Student Services tab followed by the Orientation Sign-Up link.

      Beginning term:

      Fall: orientation sessions are offered during the months of June and July

      Spring: orientation sessions are offered during the month of November

      Summer: orientation sessions are offered during the month of April

    • You can confirm your Ignition: New Student Orientation status by logging into Owl Express, selecting the Student Services tab, and clicking on the Orientation Sign-Up link. If you are still unsure, you are invited to reach out to the Orientation and Transition Programs department via email at or phone at 470-578-6219.

    • Yes! The option to sign up a guest to attend the orientation session with you is available when you sign up for Ignition: New Student Orientation under the Student Services tab in Owl Express using the Orientation Sign-Up link.

      KSU has a Parent and Family Programs office dedicated to supporting parents and families and you can check out all their services, including information about the Parent and Family Orientation experience.

    • Many incoming students are concerned to make sure they are all set for their new semester at KSU. Especially because you may not receive as many communications between acceptance and orientation, and orientation and the start of classes, as you are used to receiving from KSU.

      • Make sure you have taken care of all the items on the Terms of Admissions list and the Next Steps list.
      • Check your KSU email regularly for important communications as well as information about campus life and opportunities.
      • Regularly verify you have no holds by checking your Owl Express account under the Registration tab and the View Academic Holds link.
    • Disbursement dates for each semester can be found on the Dates & Deadlines webpage.

    • Award letter receipt is case by case. To see your financial aid status and view award any award letters, log in to your Owl Express account, click on the Financial Aid link and the Financial Aid Awards link.

    • Absolutely! Each student is assigned alphabetically to a Financial Aid Counselor. You can find yours in the Financial Aid Counselor list on the Finanicial Aid website.

    • Refund dates for each semester can be found on the Dates & Deadlines webpage.
    • Tuition and fees for upcoming semesters can be found on the Bursar's Office Tuition and Fees webpage.
    • An explanation of fees can be found on the Bursar's Office Tuition and Fees webpage.
    • Tuition classification information can be found on the Tuition Classification website where you can access the Petition to Change Tuition Classification.
    • The 1098T is a federal tax form for reportable education transactions. KSU’s 1098T information can be found on the Bursar's Office Tax 1098-T webpage.
    • Visit the Housing and Residence Life website and use the menu to select your student status (First-Year Students, Transfer Students, or Current Students). Follow the instructions for your population and look for the link to the Housing Portal.  
    • Information about payments and the link to make a payment can be found on the Housing and Residence Life Payment Information webpage.

    • You will need to call the Housing office or the RA on call depending on what time it is. Check out the best contact for you on the Housing and Residence Life Contact webpage.

    • You should start with your RA (resident assistant), it’s their job to help you navigate any roommate conflicts you have. If you need additional assistance after contacting your RA you can reach out to to ask for a staff member to intervene.

    • Check your balance and add more dining dollars on the Dining Dollars webpage.

    • Check your balance and swipes on the University Dining's Meal Plan purchase portal.

    • Permit options and parking maps can be found on the Parking and Transportation Permit Options and Pricing webpage.

    • Incoming students will learn about parking options during Ignition: New Student Orientation. Current students should check their KSU email regularly for updates. The most current parking permit process can be found on the Parking and Transportation Getting a Permit webpage.

    • Appeals to citations can be made through the Parking Portal. Appeals must be made within 14 days and cannot be made via email, phone, or in person. The Parking Portal link, as well as additional information, is available on the Parking and Transportation Citation Payments and Appeals webpage.

    • The Big Owl Bus is KSU’s bus service. The current routes and schedules can be found on the Parking and Transportation Big Owl Bus Routes webpage.

    • New students will receive information about the Talon One card at Ignition: New Student Orientation. Current students with a previous version of the KSU campus ID card do not need to replace it with a Talon Card. Other inquiries about your Talon Card can be made in person at the Talon One Centers located in the Student Centers on both the Marietta and Kennesaw campuses, or via phone or email at 470-578-8663 or

    • The Talon Card is a secure "tap and go" card that accesses copying and printing services.

    • The locations of student printers can be found on the Copy/Print Services Printer Locations webpage.

    • Holds must be removed by the campus department or office that placed the hold on your account.

      To view your hold(s) log in to your Owl Express account and select the Registration tab followed by the View Holds link.

      Contact information for the departments and offices that place holds on student accounts can be found on the Office of the Registrar Registration webpage, under the heading Registration and then in the section titled Registration Holds.

    • You can find your advisor and other advising resources on the Academic Advising website.

    • If possible, start with a conversation with your instructor during their office hours or ask to schedule a meeting. Each academic department also has a department chair who oversees the academic activities of that area of study. You can request to meet with a department chair by visiting the web page for the department and looking for the general department contact information. If needed, your Dean of Students is here to help you with complex and difficult issues in-and-out-of the classroom. Email with your situation and request for assistance.

    • Yes. The KSU Student Code of Conduct is published on the Department of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity KSU Codes of Conduct webpage, and in each year’s student handbook. In addition, faculty must include the plagiarism and cheating regulations in the syllabus of every class taught at KSU. In practice, many of these rules are common sense. Don’t take credit for something that you didn’t do and don’t give yourself (or anyone else) an unfair advantage.

    • Students are encouraged to discuss concerns and disputes over final course grades with the faculty member in an effort to understand the basis of the grade. If this informal approach does not resolve the issue, students may appeal the final course grade to the department chair which begins the formal appeal process. Students considering a grade appeal should read the official grade appeal policy and procedure found in the KSU catalog.

    • Log in to your Owl Express account, select the Student Records tab, then the Request Enrollment Verification link. You will be redirected and can follow the website’s instructions to make the request.

    • Log in to your Owl Express account, select the Student Records tab, then the Transient Letter link.

    • It is best to speak to your academic advisor before withdrawing from a class to guarantee it will not have unforeseen consequences. Refer to the current academic calendar to see the add/drop dates. The academic calendars can be found on the Office of the Registrar website.  

    • An emergency withdrawal represents the need to withdraw from all classes in the current semester based on medical or psychological emergencies that impede the ability to successfully remain enrolled at KSU. More information can be found on the Dean of Students Administrative Emergency Withdrawals webpage and questions can be sent to

    • Every student’s situation is a little different and different aid packages may have different requirements/restrictions. It is important to contact your Financial Aid counselor to ask about how a withdrawal decision will impact your aid. Find your counselor’s contact information on the
      Office of Student Financial Aid Contact Us webpage.

    • Log in to your Owl Express account, select the Student Records tab, then choose the Request Official Transcript link.

    • If your courses in DegreeWorks to not seem to be displaying the way you believe they should, please contact the GATES (Graduation Audit Transfer Evaluation Services) office, which is part of the Office of the Registrar. They can be reached at either 470-578-2879 or

    • Log in to your Owl Express account, select the Student Records tab, then choose the Petition to Graduate link.

    • Please make a red flag report.

    • If this is a life threatening emergency or someone’s immediate safety is at risk, please call 911 immediately.

      KSU’s Counseling and Psychological Services has a variety of services ranging from help navigating the college environment like which major to choose, to group counseling, and individual counseling services.

      All students interested in exploring any of the services should start with a “Let’s Hoot” Consultation. There are walk-in urgent appointments available Monday through Friday 8am-5pm for students who are experiencing an elevated mental health concern. There are offices on both campuses. The Kennesaw office is in Kennesaw Hall room 2401. The Marietta office is in the Student Center suite 170.

    • There is a lot happening at KSU! You can view the university’s master calendar to see all the happenings on campus (which is a lot!). Students can use Owl Life to look at the variety of student-led events and activities, as well as the entire database for student organizations.

      Many departments, organizations, teams, and groups have social media pages on Facebook and Instagram where they promote their upcoming events and activities. You can often view these pages even if you don’t have a social media account of your own.

    • Information about starting a registered student organization can be found on the Department of Student Activities Start up a New Student Organization webpage.

    • Service is a big part of the student experience. It may be something you or your organization are interested in or you may be required to volunteer for a class or organization. You can find a place to volunteer or service events at

    • There are many career fairs offered each academic year. Find them all at the Department of Career Planning and Development Job & Internship Fairs webpage.

    • Each academic college has dedicated Career and Internship advisors who are available for individual support and also host discipline-specific events and information. Check them out at the Department of Career Planning and Development Student Resources webpage.

      Career Planning and Development has a variety of services including help to find a job while you’re here at KSU, resume and cover letter support, practice interviews, and more. Check it all out at the Department of Career Planning and Development Services webpage.

    • Yes. The Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recover has many services including recovery services, workshops, campus education, and more. Check it all out at the the Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery website.

Download campus maps here!