Instructor Resources

Below you find resources specifically for instructors to help you get familiar with the SMART Center and relay information to your students.

SMART Center Visit Request form: Fill this form out to have someone from the SMART Center come to your class and give a quick (10 minute) presentation on the Center and how it is beneficial to the students.


Syllabus Text: Below is a sample paragraph that can be included in your syllabus or D2L that gives students basic information on the center.

The SMART Center

The KSU Science and Math Academic Resources and Tutoring Center is an open resource for all KSU students. Located in Library 433 in Kennesaw and Norton Hall (R2) 174 in Marietta, the center provides free tutoring in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering on a first-come first-serve basis. Specific hours and tutor schedules can be found on our website  (