A Dynamic and Diverse Industry!

  • The U.S. restaurant industry generates approximately $799 billion in sales (4% GDP), while employing 14.7 million people – 10% of the nation's total workforce. Industry growth is expected to add 1.7 million jobs by 2026.
  • In 2017, Georgia restaurants are projected to register $19.6 billion in sales while employing 10% of Georgia’s workforce, with estimated job growth of 15.7% over the next 10 years.
  • Every $1 spent in Georgia’s restaurants generates an additional $1.12 in sales for the state economy.
  • 9 in 10 Restaurant managers started at entry level.
  • 8 in 10 Restaurant owners started their industry careers in entry-level positions. There are very few industries where you can start at an entry-level position and later own the business.
  • Restaurants use five to seven times more energy than commercial buildings.
  • In the US, tourism accounts for $1.016 trillion in annual sales, supporting more than 8 million travel and tourism jobs.
  • Types of tourism include agrotourism, eco tourism, food tourism, sport tourism, film tourism - a field that is dynamic and changing!
  • The global hotel industry revenue is predicted to reach $553.8 billion US dollars in 2018.
  • The Georgia Lodging Industry reaches far beyond just providing guests with comfortable rooms or convenient meeting spaces — interlinked with many other industries, such as transportation, restaurants, agriculture, manufacturing, and recreation, supporting $54.3 billion in total sales throughout the state. Georgia's lodging industry employees 56,703 people, earning $2.5 billion in total employee wages. Georgia is home to 1,845+ lodging properties comprising more than 168,000 hotel rooms.