Information and Communications Technology

Information and Communications Technology (ICT 2101) is a digital literacy course that lets you explore digital technologies and investigate ways to harness their power in your daily life, ramp up your ability to utilize the cloud, create digital resources, and assess digital assets. You will also delve into the impact of digital data, investigate the implications of digital disruption, and consider the effects of the digital age on your life and your future career. Through this course, students will explore topics such as:

  • Digital Devices: Competing platforms - Team Windows or Team Mac? Android or iPhone? Explore the infrastructure of computing devices.
  • Digital Networks: Global connectivity - telecommunication networks, virtual networks, social networks, cloud computing, and the Internet. Learn how we connect and communicate.
  • Digital Data: Our data driven world - capturing, storing, and transforming data into information; big data; and digital research.
  • Digital Dossier: Your digital profile begins compiling at birth. Do you manage it or does it manage you? Consider the effects of the digital age on your life and your future career.
  • Digital Security: Securing your devices, and yourself, in a digital world. Are privacy and ethics obsolete in a digital world?
  • This course is required in some majors, but it is not a university-wide requirement. If you choose to take ICT 2101, it may count as one of your free electives. Check with your advisor to learn more about how this course fits into the curriculum for your major.

How much do you know about mobile technologies, computer concepts, solving problems with software, conducting research via the Web, and creating/manipulating digital content? 

If you would like to test your digital literacy skills, take this short 10 question Digital Literacy Self-Assessment survey.