A first-year seminar is a course especially designed to help first-year students transition successfully into higher education. Kennesaw State University’s nationally-recognized, award-winning seminars are limited to 25 students, allowing you the opportunity to get to know your professor well and interact closely with your peers.


  • Welcome to First-Year Seminars at Kennesaw State University!

    The First-Year Seminar program, housed in the Department of First-Year and Transition Studies, aims to exemplify the very best in student-centered learning and scholarly teaching for all new college students. Our seminar focuses steadfastly on promoting student success by providing entering students with an academically-challenging course that supports and cultivates student development through the transition period between previous learning experiences and college. Our faculty teach students how to build the foundation for a successful and enjoyable college career, culminating in graduation and a brilliant post-graduate career.

    We are proud to continue the tradition of excellence that has landed us on U.S. News & World Report as one of the top institutions  for a First-Year Experience program in its “America’s Best Colleges” edition. We build on this history by continuously improving our curriculum and faculty development program.

    Take a moment to explore our numerous opportunities for students to explore KSU, develop a deep appreciation for the process of learning, engage in leadership opportunities, create partnerships with surrounding communities, appreciate our responsibilities in a globally interconnected society, and more.


    Nirmal Trivedi, PhD
    Director, First-Year Seminars
    Department of First-Year and Transition Studies


  • We’ve developed a hybrid online/face-to-face faculty development program that aims to provide the foundation for effective pedagogy for first-year students and support faculty at key points in the academic year. The program also enables faculty to create a teaching portfolio that highlights their own pedagogical approach and innovations.

    • Online Course: “Course Development for First-Year Students”
    • Face-to-Face Training: “Delivering with Purpose”
    • Online Interactive Webinars
    • Mentorship Program
    • Class Observations
    • Faculty Portfolio 
  • The First-Year Seminar Faculty Guide provides key information about how faculty can find support and resources as well as guidelines for essential program policies and expectations.

    For updates to the guide, please contact Dr. Nirmal Trivedi at nirmal.trivedi@kennesaw.edu.

  • The KSU First-Year Seminar partners with several university-affiliated departments and programs to support the seminar’s course  outcomes. Those interested in offering a presentation for a KSU First-Year Seminar should contact Dr. Nirmal Trivedi at nirmal.trivedi@kennesaw.edu for more information about the proposal process.


  • We are always interested in meeting prospective faculty to teach the First-Year Seminar on a part-time basis. Teaching this course can be an incredibly rewarding and impactful experience. All qualified candidates are welcome to inquire by sending an email to Dr. Trivedi at nirmal.trivedi@kennesaw.edu.

  • Candidates must hold at a minimum an earned Masters or terminal degree in Education or any of the general education disciplines. College teaching experience, ideally in first-year experience programs (including but not limited to first-year seminar courses and learning communities), is particularly desired, though not required.

    Prospective faculty should review the program overview and course curriculum to determine whether he or she may be a good fit.


  • This Campus Resource Guide aims to provide new students at KSU an easily accessible list of the resources that are available here to help them both achieve greater levels of success during their first year as well as clear-up as much confusion as possible that comes upon entering a university for the first time.

    We hope that the following links and descriptions will help aid students in becoming more familiar and more comfortable with Kennesaw State and its many programs, departments, organizations, and other groups.  

    Entering any college or university is a large task and can be overwhelming at times, so this is intended to ease those pressures by offering three groupings of resources we find to be important to students.  

    Campus Resource Guide

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