LC Proposals

The LC Advisory Council puts out a campus-wide Call for Proposals annually. Faculty and teaching staff on both campuses are invited to submit proposals using the following link: Proposals are accepted in early October.

Proposal Pointers

  • By definition, Learning Communities must contain at least two courses.
  • At least one course in each Learning Community must be limited to the Learning Community students. The maximum number of students in a Learning Community is 25.
  • One instructor should not teach all courses within a Learning Community.
  • It is possible to embed Learning Community students in large courses.
  • Learning Communities may be offered at any KSU campus. Courses within individual Learning Communities should meet on the same campus.
  • Proposals should include General Education courses and/or lower-level major courses that do not have prerequisites.
  • Identify a course that will include only the LC students (<25 students)­­­­ and will serve as the “anchor” course for the Learning Community.
  • If necessary, the Learning Communities Program can help you identify instructors to teach in your Learning Community; however, if you know who you plan to include on your LC instructional team, please discuss this with them when preparing your proposal.
  • If you are proposing a Learning Community for a specific major, please consult with the chair and/or an academic advisor for that major to ensure that the courses included in the Learning Community meet the needs and graduation requirements of the students.
  • Please seek Chair approval before submitting your proposal.
  • If you are interested in teaching in a Learning Community but do not know where to start, feel free to contact the Director of Learning Communities at (470) 578-2471.