Frequency Asked Questions

  • A Learning Community is two or more classes linked together by a theme, academic major, or special area of interest. At least one of the classes in the LC is small and limited to only the LC students. LC faculty work together to create assignments that are interesting and meaningful for first-year students. Since LC students attend more than one class together, they tend to form friendships and study groups and develop a sense of belongingness.

    • LC students tend to earn higher grades.
    • LC students make friends and form study groups with their LC peers.
    • LCs help students connect to campus resources, activities, and events.
    • LC professors are committed to helping first-year students transition successfully to the demands of college life.
    • LC students report high levels of satisfaction with the college experience.
    • At KSU and nationwide, LCs are considered a “High Impact Practice” by the American Association of Colleges & Universities.
  • Yes! Learning Communities carry course credit for each course within the Learning Community. Check with your Academic Advisor to determine which LC courses count toward your General Education, Major, and/or Free Elective Requirements.
  • Your academic advisor will help you with the registration process during Ignition, KSU’s New Student Orientation.  Since registration for LCs is on a first-come basis, we encourage you to preview the LC descriptions prior to orientation. Select a few that look interesting to you.
  • No, you are not required to enroll in a learning community.
  • Please select a Learning Community that does not include a course for which you have (or may receive) credit through AP, IB, Dual Enrollment, or CLEP exams. Your advisor can help you find a suitable LC.
  • In most cases, the classes in Learning Communities are General Education (“core”) classes or Free Electives that will count toward your graduation, regardless of major. There are a few exceptions. It is always a good idea to consult with your academic advisor.
  • Yes. If you are not sure which LC will be best for you, consult with your Honors Advisor.
  • The KSU Scholar-Athletes LC is limited to first-year KSU intercollegiate student athletes. For more information, please email Randy Kennedy, Assistant Athletic Director,
  • Contact Professor Natasha Habers, Learning Communities Director, with your questions and concerns.
    Email: Telephone: 470-578-2471