Transitioning to Graduate School


Interested in going to Graduate School?

TS 4490: Transitioning to Graduate School will help you prepare for the shift from your undergraduate program into a program to obtain an advanced degree. In this course you will examine and compare graduate school requirements and develop strategies and products associated with being a successful graduate student.

Students who successfully participate in the course will be able to:

  1. Design an applied, investigative, or creative work that draws on the perspectives and methods of their respective fields of study
  2. Compare graduate school criterions across numerous variables and characteristics
  3. Develop strategies and research projects associated with being a graduate student
  4. Apply quantitative, qualitative, or mixed research methods
  5. Articulate current developments, emerging trends, and current issues related to their intended fields of graduate study

To register for the course, offered in multiple formats, look for TS 4490 - CRN 84933 (hybrid), 84934 (hybrid), 84935 (on campus), 84937 (online), and 85920 (online). 

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