About the Degree

Learning Outcome Goals 

  • Knowledge 
    • Broad-based knowledge of two or more discrete areas of study 
    • Knowledge of contemporary political, social, scientific, and humanitarian questions 


  • Skills 
    • Develop critical thinking skills to formulate and defend positions through written, verbal, visual, and mediated forms 
    • Ability to partition and interpret information or events using the most appropriate discipline’s toolset or a combination of disciplinary toolsets 
    • Ability to work independently and collaboratively to address complex interpersonal, professional, and societal problems in a novel or unique way   
    • Write a professional resume, conduct a job interview, and/or apply to graduate school 


  • Attitudes 
    • Positive attitude towards civic action, nonprofit organizations, and community engagement 
    • Value working in collaborative, diverse, and inclusive environments 
    • Recognize individual responsibility for meaningfully contributing to society