CPoS Deadlines for Summer 2020 and Fall 2020

You may be aware of the Course Program of Study (CPoS) process that could affect your federal financial aid. Because of the individualized nature of the Integrative Studies (INTS) Degree, our students often require substitutions to properly place their courses in DegreeWorks for CPoS but we have deadlines that we must meet.

What is CPoS?

The U.S. Department of Education (ED) regulations require that a student must be enrolled in a degree-seeking program to receive federal financial aid (Grants, Loans, FSEOG, Work Study). Funds will only be disbursed for the courses needed to fulfill the program of study requirements.

Students enrolling in courses that are not required to complete their degree could see their financial aid prorated and/or cancelled as required by the Department of Education.

Course Program of Study (CPoS) is the process that is run to identify courses within a student’s program of study. Courses that do not apply towards a student’s program of study will be ineligible for federal financial aid.


For more information, go to https://enrollmentservices.kennesaw.edu/cpos/index.php

INTS Deadlines:

In order to meet CPoS deadlines, we must receive your request to become a major through our departmental website AND you must have completed your registration by the following deadlines.

Fall Semester 2020:                July 13, 2020

*Any changes to registration or requests to change majors received after these deadlines will be processed as quickly as possible but we cannot be sure that they will be completed in time to meet the CPoS deadlines.


Step 1: Get accepted into the INTS program as a major:

We cannot process substitutions if you are not an INTS major. If you are not an accepted INTS major, please go to our Student Resources website (https://uc.kennesaw.edu/lis/programs/student-resources.php) and complete the “Integrative Studies Major Change Form.” 

  • You can only use the form if you have met with an INTS advisor and have a tentative INTS plan on file.  


Step 2: Let us know if a course is flagged for a CPoS issue: 

If you have you have a course flagged by the CPoS system for not being on your plan of study and you believe this is an error, let your advisor know right away or email us at ints@kennesaw.edu. Flagged courses will be denoted in DegreeWorks.

 CPoS DW screenshot

If you have questions about the INTS process, please feel free to contact us at ints@kennesaw.edu.  If you have any questions regarding CPoS and your financial aid, please contact the KSU Financial Aid Office at CPOS@kennesaw.edu.