Current Students

  • Hometown: Canton, GA

    Why Integrative Studies?
    I had a difficult time landing on a major since I have such varying interests. Ever since learning about KSU’s Integrative Studies major, I have finally been happy with my degree plan. I feel like I'm able to take the classes I truly love and care about, which will also benefit me in the future. For my degree plan, I'm concentrating on Biology and Writing.

    What topics intrigue you?
    My main focus in writing is fiction writing. I aspire to one day publish my own novels within the YA genre. As for Biology, my focus is infectious diseases and genetics. Within these fields, I want to explore the effects and immunological response to viruses and other microbes as well as the genetic effects on human health.

    What academic experience has been most rewarding?
    My study aboard program is one of my favorite experiences; I had the opportunity to take courses in Human Genetics and Theatre.

    What are your goals post-KSU?
    My goal after graduation is to apply to Tufts University for a master’s in Infectious Disease and Global Health. I want to work both as a researcher and writer within the field.
  • Hometown: Springfield, Virginia

    Why Integrative Studies?
    INTS is a unique approach when it comes to building your own path for your degree and becoming a well-rounded student and individual. Through this major, I can study many topics at once and understand how to integrate separate subjects and perspectives both in the classroom and in the world beyond KSU.

    What topics intrigue you?
    I am intrigued with real world issues, particularly in relation to the medical field. There are so many new diseases and issues we face; I hope to work toward identifying new treatment options and cures. In the future, I want to be a successful pediatrician who takes my time in fully diagnosing and treating my patients.

    How do you spend your time outside of class? 
    In addition to my coursework, I am working at Kennestone Hospital administering the hearing screens on newborns. This experience has been such a blessing for me to learn about newborns, mothers’ post-birth experiences, bedside manner, and the medical team’s communication through the whole hospital stay. School, this job, and volunteering have all come together and helped shape who I am as a student and individual.

    What are your goals post-KSU?
    I would like to attend a medical school and become a pediatrician. I also plan to get married and start a family! INTS truly gave me a new perspective on how I take my courses, what kinds of questions can be asked, and how I can integrate two completely different subject matters or approaches. I am very happy I chose this route because I feel more inspired and excited for my future endeavors.

  • Hometown: Melbourne, Florida

    Why Integrative Studies?
    Integrative Studies offers a more personal degree plan that fits my unique post-graduation plans!

    What disciplines are you integrating?
    Exercise Science and Dance.

    What topics intrigue you?
    I am interested in understanding proper recovery from dance injuries. I am also interested in issues and practices surrounding the fair treatment of those with disabilities who want to dance!

    What academic experience has been the most rewarding?
    A research paper that I wrote for ENGL 1102. It was a lot of work, but it gave me inspiration for my degree!

    What are your goals post-KSU?
    My goal is to become a therapist in dance medicine.