Overnight Ignition: New Student Orientation

During this Overnight Ignition: New Student Orientation session, First-Year students will obtain information and resources about the university and have the opportunity to spend one night on campus.

  • Overnight accommodations are for students-only and are already included in the $100 overnight Ignition fee
  • All students will stay on-campus in a residence hall
  • What to pack for an overnight session can be found on the Pre-Ignition Checklist page
  • Students are required to attend the full duration of both days or they will forfeit their registration time ticket

Parents, Family & Guests

Overnight accommodations for Parents, Family & Guests attending orientation with their student are not provided. Local accommodations can be found on our Accommodations page

Parents, Family & Guests will only attend Day 2 of the Overnight Ignition session. Guests can drop off their student on Day 1 where the student will check in and get moved into their assigned residence hall room for their overnight orientation stay. The fee per guest is $60.

For more information on the Overnight Ignition schedule, please refer to the information below.

Overnight Ignition Schedule:

  • July 18-19, 2019 | Overnight Student Schedule (click here)

Overnight Ignition FAQ's:

  • Guests will only attend on Day 2 of the Overnight Ignition session. They will check-in starting at 7:30 AM of Day 2. There is no programming for guests on Day 1 of the Overnight Ignition session.

  • It is mandatory for all students who are signed up for an Overnight Ignition session to attend the full two-day program. Late arrivals and early departures will result in forfeit of their registration time ticket. 

  • Guests do not spend the night on campus with their student. There will be no overnight accommodations for Parents, Family & Guests attending Overnight Ignition. Local accommodations can be found on our Accommodations page.

  • If you are attending a two-day Overnight Ignition session, you will need to bring a set of twin-sized extra long sheets (or a sleeping bag), a pillow, a blanket, towels, toiletries, and anything else you may need for an overnight stay - including but not limited to a phone charger, or any medications. 

    A shower curtain, toilet paper and trash can is provided. 

    Please make sure you also review the Pre-Ignition Checklist prior to attending.