In October 2012, two SGA freshmen Senators, Daniel A. Wright and Aaron B. Roberson, showed interest in creating a camp experience “to enthusiastically introduce and initiate incoming freshmen to the KSU family.” Originally called Talon Camp, Daniel and Aaron shared their purpose of wanting to provide “teambuilding exercises, networking, and encouragement” in order for new students to “successfully navigate the challenges of the collegiate experience. 

The idea was proposed and a meeting was then called together with representatives from Orientation and Transition Programs, Residence Life, Student Life, Athletics, Student Success Services, Undergraduate Admissions and the Dean of Students.  After a unanimous decision, it was decided that the Office of Orientation and Transition Programs would pilot the program in 2013.

To add further school spirit, the name of the program was officially changed from Talon Camp to Owl Expedition. Fast forward to present day…our student Directors and Flight Crew Leader staff are excited to soon be welcoming our newest group of campers!