Online Learner Ignition: New Student Orientation

The KSU Online Learner Orientation (Ignition) is provided for students who have declared themselves as students in an online major program through Owl Express. This Orientation is currently being revised and will be available on the KSU Online website soon.

Topics covered in the Online Learner Orientation will familiarize online students with important information regarding policies and procedures associated with attending classes at KSU. Students will be provided with information regarding advising, registration, important contact information, tips for online learning, Internet security issues, as well as other important items.

Completion of this orientation is no longer required for online undergraduate students to receive a Registration time ticket through the Office of the Registrar; time tickets will be assigned based on current student status. However, the Distance Learning Center in conjunction with the Office of Orientation and Transition Programs strongly encourage online students to be familiar with the information provided in the Orientation.

If you have any questions regarding the Online Learner Orientation, please contact the Distance Learning Center at or 470-578-7550. Welcome to KSU!