30 Hour Advising Requirement

All undergraduate students are required to meet with an academic advisor each semester until earning 30 semester hours. These advising meetings are scheduled by the student prior to registration. For a student starting in the fall semester, he or she will typically have:

  • a group advising meeting at orientation
  • an individual advising meeting in the fall, prior to registering for spring classes
  • an individual advising meeting in the spring, prior to registering for summer and fall classes in the sophomore year

These advising meetings are appointments scheduled by the student and are made with either a) a faculty member or departmental advisor in the student’s major, or b) an advisor in Owl Advising.

If a student meets with an advisor in Owl Advising, the registration hold will automatically be removed from a student’s account. If a student meets with a faculty or departmental advisor who is unable to remove the advising hold, the advisor will need to email advising@kennesaw.edu to have this hold removed.  Please include the student's name and KSU ID number.