DegreeWorks: A Guide

DegreeWorks is the primary academic advising guide for most departments. We recommend using DegreeWorks over in-house paper checksheets, since the information in DegreeWorks can be seen by both students and advisors, and should contain the most current information about degree programs and course requirements.

  • DegreeWorks is a web-based tool that is designed to aid and facilitate academic advising, as well as help students monitor their academic progress.

  • Students can access DegreeWorks through Owl Express.

    1. Log into Owl Express using your NET ID and password
    2. Click on the “Advisor Services” tab
    3. Click on “DegreeWorks”

  •  Information in DegreeWorks is refreshed every night. Any changes made today will be reflected in DegreeWorks tomorrow.

  •  If you believe that information in DegreeWorks is incorrect, you should contact the Registrar’s Office.

  •  Yes. Once final grades have been posted at the end of the semester, they will be visible in DegreeWorks. Courses that are in-progress are listed with an “IP” grade.

  •  1.Once AP scores are received from College Board and credit is awarded, they are posted to the student’s record and will appear in DegreeWorks.

    2. Once college transcripts are received and evaluated by the Registrar’s office, any transfer work will reflect in DegreeWorks. The “What If” feature allows students to hypothetically change their major or concentration. It will show students the coursework required for the new major or concentration, what areas have already been satisfied, and what areas still need to be satisfied.

  •  No. “What If” plans are not saved on DegreeWorks. You would need to do a new “What If” every time you log in in order to see the result. You can print the “What If” plan, or save the plan to your computer as a PDF file.

  •  The planner feature is currently only available to faculty/staff; students cannot edit a plan that you create, but a plan that you make is viewable by the student.  More information is available on the Office of the Registrar's website.

  •  To make an advising note in DegreeWorks, click on the ‘Notes’ tab, and enter a note from the predefined list.

    More information on DegreeWorks will be posted here when more information is known about DegreeWorks in the post-consolidation KSU.