Registration Information

What are the three phases of registration at KSU and how do students know when they occur?

  • Early Registration - occurs during current semester for upcoming semesters
  • Final Registration - occurs immediately prior to each semester
  • Drop/Add - occurs during the first-week of classes

The current academic calendar is available on the Registrar's Office site and shows early registration, final registration, and drop/add dates.

What determines a student’s registration time ticket?

Registration Time Tickets are assigned for the Early Registration phase, Registration phase and Drop/Add Session. Assigned registration times are based on student classification, hours earned (including transfer hours), and academic standing status. Times are assigned one week prior to the beginning of each registration phase.

How does a student find out her/his registration time?

1. Log in to OWL Express using the KSU NetID and Password
2. Select Registration from the Main menu
3. Click on Select Term and then the Submit button (be sure to select the appropriate term)
4. Select Registration and Time Ticket

What if a student needs to drop a course after Drop/Add is over?

After Drop/Add has ended, a student wishing to withdraw from a course may do so using the Online Withdrawal form is Owl Express.