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The University College Podcast Network, started in 2018, is an outlet to promote and inform listeners about the college's programs. The podcast will include features on students, faculty and staff while discussing topics relevant on and off campus. For more information on the podcast or if you're interested in being a guest, contact Brandon Apter at 470-578-2790 or The latest episodes of the podcast will be posted here, but you can also subscribe to the University College Podcast Network on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and     

  • In the debut episode of the University College Podcast, we're joined by Kennesaw State offensive lineman Terrell Paxton. The new KSU student talks about his experience in the required First-Year Seminar course and how he plans to balance his school work with athletics.

  • In episode 2 of the University College podcast, we're joined by freshman nursing student Kaylin Woodring, who joined the Kennesaw State family during the summer 2018 semester. She talks about what led her to KSU, the degree she's pursuing and experience in the First-Year Seminar class. University College Podcast host Brandon Apter also runs down some college updates, bidding farewell to long-time Kennesaw State Orientation staff member Mark Pilgrim. Also, details on UC's Coffee with the Dean event in October, which is open to University College students, staff and faculty.

  • Dr. Tommy Jackson, Director of Advising at University College Advising Services, joins the show for episode three to talk about the significance of advising in a student's education, his short stint in the NFL, some of the research projects he is working on with students and the importance of finding passion in what you do everyday.

  • University College's Dean, Lynn Disbrow, joins episode four of the podcast to talk about her journey to Kennesaw State, her vision for University College, the benefits of its degrees and academic initiatives while also discussing the great atmosphere that KSU has as a whole.


  • Freshman exercise science major, Tolerie Moye, joins episode five of the podcast to talk about her journey as a First-Gen Student. As a First-Gen Student, Tolerie is the first in her family to move away from home to go to school.

  • In episode 6 of the UC Podcast, we're joined by sophomore psychology major and Orientation Student Director, Jada Cook. She discusses her background coming from south Georgia, her popular YouTube channel, what led her to a leadership position with Orientation and how it has benefited her as student at Kennesaw State University.

  • Our guest for episode seven is senior journalism and emerging media major, Moriah Shephard. Moriah is on the brink of graduation and has big dreams of landing a job in the radio industry. She’s worked her way up to the position of general manager at Owl Radio and has interned with numerous radio stations in the Metro Atlanta area already. We’ll learn more about her radio journey and what kind of impact that University College’s Thrive Program has had on her as she readies for graduation. 


  • In episode 8 of the podcast, Owl Expedition student leader Vanessa Benitez joins the show! She talks more about Kennesaw's extended, overnight orientation, her role as University College's student government representative and her journey to KSU! To cap off the episode, Vanessa and Brandon rank their top-5 holiday movies.

  • In episode 9 of the University College podcast, we're joined by Dr. Linda Lyons and freshman Garrett Davis to talk about the Global Fellowship program, which gives first-year students the opportunity to spend five weeks abroad in Italy during their first semester at Kennesaw State.

  • Junior biology education major Larry Layfield is our guest! He comes on the show to talk about how he's enjoyed his time at Kennesaw so far, his involvement in peer leadership programs and how University College's Thrive Program has helped him in school.

  • Dr. Kate Schaab, Coordinator for Integrative Studies, joins the show to shed some light on what the Integrative Studies program actually is, how it can help students graduate and some career paths that can be explored. In part two of the episode, we're joined by KSU Integrative Studies alumni Nigel Talton. Nigel discusses his experience with the Integrative Studies program and how it's helped him professionally post-graduation.

  • Junior criminal justice major Tralen Hardnett is our guest for this episode. Tralen was the recipient of the first Above the Call Student Assistant award at University College's Spring Awards Banquet. In this episode, Tralen speaks about his inspiration behind picking criminal justice as a major, what people might not know about forensic science, his growth as a student assistant in the Department of Leadership & Integrative Studies and thoughts of Marvel's Avengers: Endgame!

  • Kennesaw State alumni and Thrive Scholar Alexandria Johnson joins the show for this episode! She talks about how the Thrive program helped her transition from high school to college, her numerous internship experiences throughout her time at KSU and how she earned a full-time position at Verizon in New York City after holding different roles as an AdFellow with them.

  • Ambrielle August (junior, Business Administration & Information Systems) joins the show for this episode! Ambrielle has worked as a student assistant in the Dean's Office at University College for nearly two years while also serving in numerous positions for her fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi. In addition, Ambrielle has completed an internship at Quickly Media in Buckhead and begins an exciting experience at MailChimp in Atlanta in the summer!

  • We're back with a new episode of the University College Podcast to begin the 2019-20 academic year. Joining the show this time around is University College's Interim Senior Associate Dean, Dr. LaJuan-Simpson Wilkey. She talks about her journey to KSU, her roles within University College, the excitement of starting a new year and University College's place on campus with regard to student success.

  • US Navy veteran and current KSU Student Michael Lewis stops by the University College Podcast. Michael recently completed his Bachelor's in Integrative Studies through University College in addition to a Leadership Certificate through the same department. He discusses how the military has helped him to this day, the importance of knowing when to ask for help as a student, the process behind creating an Integrative Studies curriculum, leadership and it's value in the workplace, his Master's Degree pursuit and more.

  • KSU first-gen students Madeleine Carden and Jalyn Wharton join the podcast to talk about First-Gen Owls, an organization dedicated to students that are the first in their family tree to pursue a college degree. Madeleine and Jalyn talk about what led them to Kennesaw State, the path to choosing their majors, the experiences and challenges of first-gen students, benefits of the First-Gen Owls organization and much more!
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  • First-Generation Owl Hazel Lika joins the show to talk about her path to becoming the first in her family tree to pursue a college degree! Hazel talks about her passion for music, the benefits of University College's First-Year Seminar, her experiences overseas and much more!

  • Jim Davis, Associate Professor of Theater & Performance Studies, joins the show. Jim discusses what's changed and how Kennesaw State has grown since he began as a faculty member in 2007, his passion for professional wrestling, comics and nerd culture, how he's found ways to work those interests into his teaching and research and much more.

  • KSU alumni Blake Eason joins the show for this episode. Blake talks about his professional journey to becoming an assistant producer for The Bert Show, one of the most listened to morning show's in Atlanta. He also talks about how leadership classes helped him adjust to working in the real world, how a morning radio show is produced and prepared for and what sort of advice there is for students looking to pursue a job in the entertainment industry.

  • Kennesaw State First-Generation student Josh Brown joins the show to talk about transferring to KSU from Georgia Tech, the impact of First-Year Seminar on his KSU experience, types of jobs he hopes to pursue and being a first-generation student.

  • Kennesaw State junior biology major Arleda Lawson joins the latest episode of our show! She talks about the challenges living in rural Georgia during the time of online learning due to COVID-19, how she structures her days to ensure she stays on task and completes her work, what she has learned from being a student assistant on campus and how it has helped her become more comfortable in different aspects of her college career.

  • In this two segment episode, we're joined by SMART Center student tutor Lydia Blanar and Owl Advising's AJ Amini. In the first segment, KSU student Lydia Blanar talks about her transition to online learning and how she learned about KSU shutting down while she was in Uganda. Lydia also details the resources available for students at the Virtual SMART Center during this period of online learning. In segment two, AJ Amini gives students three important tips to remember with regard to virtual advising.

  • Kennesaw State junior biology major Arleda Lawson joins the latest episode of our show! She talks about the challenges living in rural Georgia during the time of online learning due to COVID-19, how she structures her days to ensure she stays on task and completes her work, what she has learned from being a student assistant on campus and how it has helped her become more comfortable in different aspects of her college career.

  • Transition during the pandemic hasn't been the first big transition for Roberto Escobar. A Venezuela-native, Roberto landed at Kennesaw State for school after starting his education back home. His experiences in Venezuela ranged from residencies in emergency care to neurosurgery. Roberto tells us how he decided he wanted to pursue a career in the medical field, he tells some eye-opening stories from his time in emergency care, how the education differs in the United States compared to Venezuela, his original hesitancy to go to school in the US, what it has been like being an international first-generation student and much more.