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  • The application for Fall 2020 opens online December 15, 2019 and closes when the program fills, no later than April 5, 2020.
  • Students can only apply for the Thrive Program during their senior year in high school.
  • See the Eligibility tab for more information on who is eligible to apply.
  • Students MUST be able to attend ALL Spring, Summer, and Fall 2020 required programming to be in Thrive. Before applying, students should check the required dates with their parent/ guardian to ensure that they can attend. Students who apply and are accepted, but cannot attend all programs, will forfeit their spot in Thrive, along with all of its privileges.
  • An incomplete application will not be considered, which includes answering all questions thoroughly and to the best of your ability, as well as Thrive’s receipt of your reference letter.


  • Students will be contacted via their KSU EMAIL once their completed application, including their reference letter, has been reviewed.
  • Applications will be reviewed by a panel of faculty and staff.
  • The panel is looking for students who will positively impact the Thrive community and make the most of the resources given to them in Thrive. These resources include, but aren’t limited to:
    • Spring and Summer programming
    • First-semester classes in a Thrive Learning Community
    • College coaching
  • These valuable resources are limited in this format to Thrive students.


  • Completed applications will be reviewed the first and third Fridays of each month, if they were received by noon the Thursday before.
  • Students will be notified the following Monday if they are accepted into the program. All communication will be through their KSU email. Students who’ve been accepted to KSU can click here to find out how to set up their KSU email.
  • Accepted students will be required to accept their spot in Thrive within one week.
  • Only 125 students will be accepted for Fall 2020.


The Thrive Program application includes the following:

  • Basic information including name, high school, interests, activities, and a list of all credit being brought in (Dual Enrollment college class names and grades or “In Progress;” AP, IB and CLEP subjects - - also include scores if the tests have been completed).
  • Screenshot showing the current HOPE GPA on the GAFutures website. The student’s name must be visible for verification.
  • Statement of commitment to the required 2020-2021 Thrive programming. Students who do not complete all Spring, Summer and first-year programming will forfeit their position in the program.
  • Responses to three essay questions. We recommend you prepare and edit your responses in Word in advance, then copy and paste them into the application. Responses need to be around 200-250 words each, including an introduction, supporting information, and a conclusion. (NOTE: Responses that are shorter than 200 words typically don’t address the questions, and therefore will not be considered complete.) All essay responses will be used by the review panel to identify applicants who are interested in college success and in making a positive contribution to Thrive and the KSU community.
    • Q1: Does your high school academic transcript accurately reflect your abilities? If yes, why and how will you continue maximizing your abilities in college? If no, how do you hope your college years at KSU are different than your years in high school? Either way, be specific about your high school experience and how it relates to your plans for success in college.
    • Q2: Name either a class you've taken or a book you've read that has changed the way you think about life, people and your experiences. Explain how or what you thought before the book/class and contrast it with how or what you think now. In addition, specifically address what happened in the book or the class that changed your thinking. How will this impact your choices going forward?
    • Q3: Answer ONE of the following:
      • A. What's the biggest risk you took in high school? Be specific: when, where, how, why, and what were the results? Would you do it again and why or why not?
      • B. What is a moral or ethical dilemma you've faced and how did you handle it? Give us an overview of the situation. What were the key issue/s involved? What process did you go through to make your final decision on how to handle the situation? What choice/s did you make to address and/or resolve the issue?
  • Reference letter from a teacher, coach, guidance counselor, administrator, employer, supervisor, or community leader.
    • Letters of recommendation cannot be from a family member.
    • Letters should be on official school or business letterhead and signed by the writer OR should come to directly from the reference’s email address with (1) the Thrive applicant’s name in the subject line and (2) the reference’s contact information in the email.
    • The letter should: (a) state how the reference knows you, (b) refer to and give specific examples of your character, skills/abilities, and academic record, and (c) discuss your perceived ability to thrive as a student at KSU. Give your reference a link to this website, so they can better understand what you’re applying for.
    • Be sure to follow up with your reference. You are responsible for ensuring that the reference letter has been sent and received by Thrive. Applications won’t be reviewed without a reference letter.

APPLY BELOW (December 15, 2019 until the program fills)

  • We encourage you to complete the essay questions in advance, to minimize the time it takes to complete the application once you start it. Partial applications cannot be saved!
  • Be sure to complete every part of the application and on the final page, click SUBMIT.