Thrive College Knowledge Conference

On Friday, July 21st, over 100 incoming first-year Thrive students came to campus to participate in the annual Thrive College Knowledge Conference. Nothing else like it exists on campus! The students met their KSU 1101 professor, peer leader, and classmates. Then they attended a panel discussion led by faculty and Thrive students. They were challenged to start college strong, get involved, stay organized, and make the most out of their KSU experience.

Following the panel they attended breakout sessions led by KSU faculty, staff, and graduates. The sessions focused on key strategies to be successful in college. At the end of the day, they had connected with each other and key concepts for college success.

When asked what they learned, the list was long:

  • "To be OK with being uncomfortable because that’s when you grow.”
  • "I need to take care of myself.”
  • "That I have to own this. I like that part of it.”
  • "I need to be organized and get a planner.”
  • …And more!

Over 1100 students have participated in The Thrive Program at KSU since it started in Fall 2011. The program helps them transition to college with innovative strategies for student success. Thrive Scholars maintain HOPE-eligible GPAs at higher levels than demographically matched groups and students in the state.

Pictured in the photo on the previous page: Dr. Lynn Disbrow (UC Dean), Katie Barrington (KSU senior), Lydia Laucella, Kecia Jones and Theodore Bullard (KSU 1101 faculty), Larry Layfield (KSU sophomore), and Shae Smith (Thrive Academic Manager)