Thrive Ambassadors

The Thrive Ambassadors represent the Thrive Scholars Program at Information Sessions held on campus, at local schools, and throughout the spring and summer when new students are on campus.  Their enthusiasm for all things Kennesaw State, Thrive and college-life in general is boundless!  Always willing to share their experience or help a new student feel welcome, we couldn’t Thrive without them!


  • Larry Layfield

    Larry Layfield

    Major:  Biology Education (JR)

    Favorite place to study: Bagwell Education Building

    Favorite KSU program: Week of Welcome

    "Thrive serves as a great support network for me. I have been able to meet so many people, professors, and other leaders on campus. Thrive helped me grow as a leader, so much so that I am a Peer Leader, an RA, and serve as the Vice President for National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH). Kyra and Shae have been a great help during my time here, and I couldn't have done it without them. At times of excitement with life or academics, or even times of hardship, I can look to the Thrive program to make me smile."

    • Damie Omole

      Damie Omole

      Major:  Public Relations (SR), applying to law schools!

      Favorite place to study: The Writing Center!  They have free coffee.  What more do you need?!

      Favorite KSU program: My favorite school program is the “Year of Events.” Each year KSU chooses a country to learn about. We get to experience the food, the culture and the politics. Pretty much study abroad without leaving the country.

      "Thrive to me is a community that actively encourages you to be a well-rounded student. With Thrive, it’s not about surviving college, but crushing it!"

      • Devin Petmecky

        Devin Petmecky

        Major:  Nursing (SO)

        Favorite place to study:  My dorm room. When the temperature is set to how I like it and the lighting is good, I can study for however long I need. Some people prefer the library for its quiet space, but the distractions of people walking in looking for a seat sets me off. Having said that, the library is the perfect place to work on a group project and it’s very easy to reserve a room.

        "Thrive has been such an amazing experience because I instantly had friends in my classes that have similar study experiences as myself. Most students in high school never learned how to study correctly and Thrive matches students up so they can learn how to study together. My first semester Thrive introduced me with other nursing majors and gave me study partners that I will use until I graduate."

        • Tali Smith

          Tali Smith

          Major:  Organizational Communication (FR)

          Favorite place to study:  Definitely with food on the fourth floor of the Bagwell Building!  It is the perfect place to get tasks done, without distractions. 

          Favorite KSU program:  Besides Thrive, my favorite KSU program is without a doubt The Living Room.  The people involved with this program are so amazing and want to help you in anyway possible, whether it be through prayer, preaching, or opening up their church during finals week to give you a great place to prepare!

          "I had heard many great things about Thrive before I got involved, but others’ shared experiences just can't express how amazing Thrive is.  You really must join to be able to see for yourself how amazing the program, and people involved, truly are!  Thrive has helped me grow comfortable so quickly with the campus and my peers, whether it be through activities, coaching to help you know which decisions are the best and worst to make, or helping relieve some of the freshman stress!"

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