Thrive Senators provide key communication among members of the program and help develop community among the over 700 Thrivers on campus.  They are selected for one-year terms and represent the current Thrive classes and first-year Learning Communities.

2019 Thrive Senate:
Anthony Anderson (Class of 2021)
De'Ja Bracy (Class of 2021)
Summer Burns (Class of 2022)
Anthony Carli (Class of 2022)
Elizabeth Forthofer (Class of 2022)
Emilie Gerkin (Class of 2022)
Serenity Hill (Class of 2022)
Stephen Jones (Class of 2020)
Jamie Lowe (Class of 2022)
Malik Lyder (Class of 2019)
Alise Mercier (Class of 2022)
Ronan Sweeney (Class of 2022)
Jerry Simmons, Student Director / Senate Leader (Class of 2020)