General Eligibility Criteria


Students are eligible to apply to the Thrive Program during their senior year of high school. 

  • Thrive Eligibility

    Check to see if you're eligible:

    • I have been accepted to KSU as a freshman and will start fall 2020.

    • I have earned fewer than 30 college credit hours through dual enrollment, AP, or IB programs and I have not attended another college (exception dual enrollment) since high school graduation.

    • I will be a full-time student, taking at least 12 credit hours.

    • I am eligible for the HOPE Scholarship.

    • I plan to graduate from KSU in four years.

    *NOTE:  See the list of ineligible majors below.  

    Email if you have questions.

    Due to program or degree requirements, the following students are not eligible for Thrive:


    Applied Computer Science, International Business, Dance, and Theatre & Performance Studies.

    These majors do not have room for the required coursework or have their own first-semester requirements that conflict with Thrive requirements.


    African American Male Initiative (AAMI), College of Science and Mathematics Advanced Majors Program (AMP), Global Fellows, and Honors. 

    Each of these programs has requirements that may duplicate or conflict with Thrive during the first semester. Students who join one of these programs should not apply to Thrive.


    Please note that students enrolling in the Summer 2020 semester, as well as students planning to transfer to another school, are not eligible.