• Thrive is the nationally award-winning program that helps incoming qualified first year students develop the academic skills required to maintain the HOPE scholarship, integrate academically and socially to the university, progress toward graduation, and develop skills necessary to be competitive in their chosen field. This is a free program that offers support to students as they transition into college by offering the best of academic strategies with innovative practices of student success.
  • Students are only eligible to apply to the Thrive Scholars Program during their senior year of high school. Eligible students are those who:

    • Have been accepted to KSU for entry Fall 2018 and have paid their Admissions deposit,
    • Will be a first-time, first-year student (under 30 credit hours earned through dual enrollment, AP, or IB programs),
    • Will be a full-time student (taking at least 12 credit hours), and
    • Are eligible for HOPE (as confirmed by GAFutures).

    Please note, even if a HOPE-eligible student has a KSU Admissions Office GPA calculated at 3.5 or higher AND test scores of 1150 (old SAT), 1220 (new SAT) or 25 (ACT), they are not eligible for Thrive. They will be referred to KSU’s Honors Program.

  • Yes. Marietta campus students are welcome to participate. However, please note that:

    1. 1. most Marietta majors don't require a First-year Seminar (FYS), but Thrive includes a first-year seminar as a required part of its Learning Community; so, this course may add 3-credit hours to your degree program. And
    2. 2. all elements of the program are held on the Kennesaw campus. Marietta majors in Thrive typically take classes on the Kennesaw campus at least two days a week, and are able to take major-related courses on the Marietta campus three days a week.
  • Click here for more information and a link to the application.

  • Thrive students maintain the HOPE scholarship at substantially higher rates than demographically matched groups, the general KSU population, and college students in Georgia.  In addition, Thrive students are more likely to earn higher grades, be retained (stay in college) at higher levels, earn the GPA necessary to maintain the HOPE scholarship, and progress more rapidly in academic standing (move from first-year student to sophomore, etc.).

  • We say “Once a Thriver, always a Thriver,” which means that you are in the program as long as you are at KSU.
  • A learning community is 20-25 first-semester students who co-enroll in two or more courses that are linked together with a common theme. Some learning communities are for specific academic majors, such as business, nursing, education, or dance. Other learning communities are suitable for a variety of majors and carry themes ranging from “green” living, to social justice, to gender studies and more. The courses in learning communities count toward university degree requirements and are taught by faculty dedicated to helping new students achieve academic success.
  • Thrive housing is on campus and is part of the Leadership Living Learning Community.

  • Living in Thrive housing is optional. However, we recommend that you do take advantage of the opportunity, if you are able.

  • Yes, however you need to be accepted into the Thrive program to do so. At that point, you will need to send your name, KSU ID #, and building/room number to leadership6000@kennesaw.edu with your request to change to Thrive housing.

  • Living on campus is not required as part of your commitment to Thrive.
  • To be in the Thrive program, students commit to the following activities:

    Pre-College (Spring and Summer 2018)

    Thrive offers students the opportunity to participate in programs and events prior to the start of college, giving them advance preparation for the journey ahead at KSU. This includes the following required events* held on the Kennesaw campus:

    • Pre-registration and Advising Workshop
    • The First KSU Summer Orientation and Priority Registration for Fall 2018 Classes
    • Thrive Extended Orientation / Advance
    • Thrive College Knowledge Conference

    For specific dates go to http://uc.kennesaw.edu/thrive/prospective-students/dates.php

    Thrive also includes high impact programs and practices, during the students’ first year on campus.

    First Semester (Fall 2018)

    • Thrive Learning Community (KSU 1101 and 1-2 General Education courses) in addition to other desired coursework, to complete at least 12 credit hours as a full-time student. Thrivers register for Thrive Learning Communities based on their possible majors.
    • Thrive Graduation Coaching Fall Appointment (September or October)

    Second Semester (Spring 2019)

    • Thrive Graduation Coaching Spring Appointment (March or April)
    • Option to participate in community and campus engagement opportunities