First-Year Curriculum Requirement

First-year, full-time students with fewer than 15 hours of previous college credit (transfer, AP, IB) must take a First-Year Seminar or enroll in a Learning Community.  A first-year seminar is a course especially designed to help first-year students transition successfully into higher education.

Students also have the opportunity to enroll in a learning community. A learning community is 20-25 first-semester students who co-enroll in two or more courses that are linked together with a common theme. Some learning communities are for specific academic majors, such as business, nursing, education, or dance. Other learning communities are suitable for a variety of majors and carry themes ranging from “green” living, to social justice, to gender studies and more. The courses in learning communities count toward university degree requirements and are taught by faculty dedicated to helping new students achieve academic success. More information visit The Department of First-Year and Transition Studies.