PERS 2700: Perspectives on the World of Work

Why should you take PERS 2700?

REASON #1: The course is about you in the real world 

No matter your major or your future profession, you will be called on to solve problems with others. And if you look at the TOP TEN THINGS EMPLOYERS WANT, working in teams is at the very top.

In PERS 2700, you’ll learn how teamwork has become ESSENTIAL today and how you can build those skills here and now.

PERS 2700 is based on real-world case studies of people solving problems. The main book for the class is Moonshot: What Landing A Man On The Moon Teaches Us About Collaboration, Creativity, And The Mindset For Success.

How do a group of regular people come together to do something that seemed impossible? How do teams everywhere find ways to work together and solve challenging problems?

The other readings are real-world case studies from the Harvard Business School.


These case studies are written for students. They present scenarios that have really happened in the working world and you come up with the solutions. Like the real world, there are no “right answers” in these cases, just different and creative ways to come to a solution.

REASON #2: The course is offered at all times of the day and online

We know your schedule is packed. So we are offering PERS 2700 at all times, in all versions (online and hybrid), and on both campuses. If you can’t find what you need, contact us at and we’ll help.

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REASON #3: The course is taught in small classes by professors who truly care

The faculty teaching this course put student success above ALL other priorities. They care about you as a person, as a student, and as a citizen. With small class sizes, every student will be able to develop a personal connection to the faculty member that can lead to many opportunities for your academic and professional success.